Control of Larval Northern Corn Rootworm. (Diabrotica barberi) with Two Steinernematid Nematode Species

ID de revista: PMC2619004

PMID: 19287699

Autor principal: Thurston GS

Revista: J Nematol

Año: 1990

Plataforma de Búsqueda: PubMed

Metodología: Experimento

Grupo de estudio: Otros (animales plantas microorganismos)


The entomogenous nematodes Steinerneraafeltiae and S. bibionis did not penetrate the roots of corn, Zea mays, to infect larval northern corn rootworm (NCR), Diabrotica barberi, feeding within. Laboratory bioassays against first instar NCR indicated that S. feltiae, Mexican strain (LDs0 = 49 nematodes/insect) is more virulent than S. bibionis (LD~o = 100). Numbers of NCR larvae in a grain corn crop were reduced by both nematode species applied at corn seeding time at the rate of 10,000 infective-stage juveniles per linear meter of corn row. The chemical insecticide fonofos provided significantly better control than either nematode species.


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