Perspectiva: empaques comerciales novedosos y dispositivos para alimentación complementaria

Autor: Melissa Ann Theurich

In recent years, so-called baby food pouches and other novel packaging and devices have been marketed for complementary feeding. To date, no experimental studies have been conducted to determine health and nutrition effects or the safety of baby food pouches and related feeding devices. Yet, these products hold the potential to fundamentally change the ways in which infants and children consume solid foods in infancy and early childhood. In this review, a selection of complementary feeding devices and their potential effects on breastfeeding, formula-feeding, safe and appropriate complementary feeding, and the timely transition to family foods are explored. Because manufacturers have innovated older designs of traditional feeding bottles and pacifiers for complementary feeding, perspectives on potential health effects and the safety of devices are drawn from research on feeding bottles and pacifiers. Recommendations include scaling up research on the safety, nutrition, and health impacts of commercial packaging and devices. In addition,manufacturers should ensure that devices conformto consumer product safety commission specifications and that instructions for use are in linewith policies protecting pediatric dental health.Marketing of commercial devices and packaging should conform to the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. Adv Nutr 2018;9:581–589.